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I purchased a set of traction bands for my sons Power Wheels Jeep from bought them to protect the plastic wheels on the Power Wheels..

My kids ride the heck out of them and the plastic tires just don't hold up.. I read a bunch of testimonials assuming they were reviews (I was way wrong about this).. Turns out a testimonial is not a review, I know this because I couldn't find anywhere to leave feedback on what a *** product they are.. Horrible!!

After 5 days one fell off and one has a huge tear in it.. The tear is on the back wheel, while the other one on the back has all kids of little tears like it's about ready to rip off like the other one.. I contacted them and they said it's a "wear item" they don't give refunds.. A "wear item" makes me laugh..

really?? My kid drives it everywhere. Grass, sidewalk, concrete, but I mean really 5 days? Complete piece of ***...

Horrible product.Horrible company.

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I have bought these twice now. They work great if you use all the glue and center the bands, and give them time to dry. My son's Jeep has had them on for 2 years now with no issue.

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